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Our "LoanShepherd Lenders" work very quickly to get every Business Owner APPROVED for a Business Loan. However, before submitting the "Shepherd Request Form", and in order for them to help you, we would like you to know the BASIC Requirements needed to increase your chances of obtaining financing.

Our Lenders also known as "LoanShepherds" help Business Owners, like you, get APPROVED. They work extremely hard to get you a Business Loan for ANY Business Related Purpose.  It’s a Much BETTER choice for Your Business than a cash advance or rewards program. Our Lenders can offer you Excellent Terms and Affordable Regular Payment Options, so you can Preserve Your Cash Flow. You don't need collateral or perfect credit to get help! Approval Rates are HIGH! Plus, our Lenders can help you with MINIMAL paperwork! Why wait any longer to get the money your business needs?

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Welcome to LoanShepherd.com

If you need money for ANY business related purpose, you've came to the right website! Let us ask you the following...

Have you recently been Rejected for a Business Loan? Have you tried multiple lenders and just keep hearing "NO"? OR, have you been too afraid or embarrassed to apply for financing, for fear of hearing the dreaded "NO"? When you're applying for a business loan, does your local bank application seem way too long, strict, even ridiculous?

We realize that you don't want to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the money you need. And, you certainly don't have a lot of time to wait for lengthy and complicated bank approvals, or time to meet the demands that come with typical local bank and SBA loans.

We understand how difficult it can be to get a Business Loan when your business needs it the most! Perhaps there are concerns about your credit score? Maybe you already owe money to other lenders? Whatever the case may be, we want to help YOU!

Let a "LoanShepherd" Assist YOU!


Our Certified "LoanShepherd Lenders" Can Help You, Regardless of Whether or Not You Have Less Than Perfect Credit or Stellar Credit.

   For Our Merchants with an Established

Business and Strong Credit, our Lenders have

developed programs specifically designed for YOU.

   Our Lenders offer Working Capital Bank Loans, Lines of Credit and Bridge Loans with Competitive Rates and Flexible Payment


Tax Deductible Interest

Funding within 7 to 10 Days (Not Weeks like SBA Loans)

Unsecured-No Collateral Needed, Business Loans

Tax Records are Generally NOT Required

A Minimal Amount of Paperwork

Approval Decisions within 48 Hours

Payments Are NOT Collected Through Your Credit Card Sales

High Approval Rates

A FICO score of at least 551. If you do not know, then that's ok.

   Click the "Shepherd Request Form" Button below to be Matched with ONE Lender, and one Lender ONLY. We promise our FREE SERVICE won't have multiple Lenders contacting you. It's Confidential, EASY and you'll receive your results by email INSTANTLY! You have nothing to lose...

Your selected "LoanShepherd Lender" will contact you and quickly guide you to your best lending option. Important: Please make sure to be available when your "LoanShepherd" calls you to discuss your situation. They are eager to help you! Remember- The sooner you talk, the sooner they can help you!

Must be operating an established business for at least 30 days.

A minimum amount of $100,000 in Annual Sales.




We Can Now Help Start-Ups!

Business Inventory

Business Renovations

Business Upgrades

Payroll for Employees

Business Advertising/Marketing