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 When it comes to getting a Business Loan, don’t feel left out like the Black Sheep.

And, More Importantly, don’t be treated like one…

 In today's economy it's growing ever more difficult to obtain an unsecured business loan. Business owners are determined to make their business a success.

               We specialize in assisting Businesses Owners with finding the right Lender that not only gives them the best chance for success in securing a Business Loan, but a Lender that provides excellent terms, competitive rates and low payments.

But, how is this possible with out the right business funding to purchase needed equipment and business supplies? What you need is a lending alternative. 

Our Lenders Can Help You, Regardless of Whether You Have Less Than Perfect Credit or Stellar Credit.


               Here at LoanShepherd.com, we offer a FREE Service that quickly determines the best lender for helping you with your financial situation, and it’s all based on the information you enter into our “Lender Request” Form.


After you have submitted the form, you’ll be instantly emailed the results of our “Lender Selecting” Software.

The email will inform you of the selected Lender and the Agent who will be contacting you on the next business day, at your ‘Best Contact Time’.


To see exactly How the process works Click Here.  For Frequently Asked Questions Click Here. 

*For Our Merchants with an Established Business and Strong Credit, our Lenders have developed programs specifically designed for YOU. Our Lenders offer Working Capital Bank Loans, Lines of Credit and Bridge Loans with Competitive Rates and Flexible Payment Options.

 So, stop looking for business funds, business financing, business loans and working capital. The answer is right here at loan shepherd dot com. We are here to help you with your business goals. Our lenders work with you to help you get a loan that has affordable payments, flexible payment options and competitive rates.

 Are You Seeking a Loan For?

 Whether your business needs a loan for buying inventory, equipment, renovations, upgrades, payroll, paying taxes, advertising or stablizing cash flow, we can help.

Buying Inventory

Buying Equipment





Stabilizing Cash Flow

Paying Taxes



Business funding for any business related purchase. Bad credit ok! We ha ates and loan approval decisions within forty eight hours. Unsecured loans are our speciality.

 If your Loan Request is for a Business Related Purpose, we can connect you with a Great Lending Company!

The Lenders that we recommend have a variety of lending options available.

Let Loan Shepherd guide you to the best lending option!

Business loans with no collateral needed, tax deductible interest and money within 7 days.

Our Lenders Feature:

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High Approval Rates

Approval Decisions within 48 Hours

No Collateral Needed (Unsecured Loans)

Tax Deductible Interest

Funding within 7 to 10 Days Not Weeks

Payments Are NOT Collected Through Your Credit Card Sales

Minimal Amount of Paperwork 

Tax Records are Generally NOT Required



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Our Lenders Help Many Types of Businesses


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LoanShepherd.com Takes Your Financial Needs Seriously.

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We’ve helped many others that were in your exact situation get the business loan they need, when they need it.

Don’t be discouraged about previous failed loan requests with other lenders; we understand how difficult it can be getting a great business loan.

There’s no need to keep searching because, Our Lenders work very, very hard to get you APPROVED!



"I was recently rejected by a couple of lending companies. I'm glad I visited your website, because you connected me with a company that was able to lend me the money that I SO NEEDED for my business"  George, Harrisburg, PA




Let our “Lender Selecting” Software find the appropriate lender that will meet your financial needs. You could have the results in a couple of minutes. So, don’t think about what you have to lose and start thinking about what you have to gain!


Get Started Now! Submit the Completed Lender Request Form Below.


Buying Inventory/Equipment
Hiring Employees
Payroll/Stabilize Cash Flow
Pay Taxes
Purchase Advertising
Purchase a New Location
Other Purpose
* Required
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